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Preparing module or chapters

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  • Download the guidance document for the module or the chapter on which your class and your partner class will be working.
  • Read the guidance carefully and annotate it so that you can refine it with your partner colleague.
  • Questions to ask yourself: What skills and knowledge will need to be in place to ensure that pupils can do the work required? What should be revised or learned? How long will this require?

In the guidance, alternative activities are often proposed: which will be most appropriate for your class?

What equipment will you need?

Who, in school or in the community could support you for some of the work?

  • Organise a telephone call with your partner colleague to compare the needs of your respective classes in order to harmonize the dates when the various stages will take place (points 2, 3, and 4 in the table in Initial contacts, initial timetable ).
    The timetable proforma may help you plan for this initial work.

Timetable proforma




1.Read the module or chapter guidance sheet


2.Agree with your partner colleague your own version of this module or chapter guidance sheet


3.Start the first module or chapter


4.Exchange questions digitally


5.Exchange information digitally


6.Exchange clarification questions


7.Exchange the answers to the clarification questions


8.Complete the module


9.Evaluate outcomes and process


10.Share evaluation with partner and country coordinator



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